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We've got some exciting news to share that we've been working on for quite a while. We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new product to our Via Citrus family Repots
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Meyer Lemon trees are great additions to gardens or indoor spaces. You might enjoy using their fruit or the smell of their blossoms, which are white with a hint of purple at the base. The plants have a long history as ornamental house plants. They were originally bred by mixing lemon and mandarin plants. This mix gives the fruit its eye-catching, golden color and size. Meyer Lemons, in particular, bloom all year round, perfuming the air with their sweetness.
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How often should you water citrus? How much water does citrus need? Does watering indoor citrus require more or less water? Unlock the secret to a lush, thriving citrus! Get this tips to grow and water citrus properly.
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A calamondin (cal-a-mon-din), also called calamansi, is a small citrus hybrid. People grow it for both its colorful looks and its tasty fruit. Each plant has deep green, oblong leaves and white flowers. These flowers transform into the smooth calamansi fruit, which looks similar to a kumquat.
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