Generations at work

Hi! I'm Danny, founder of Via Citrus—and yes, that's me in 1992 sporting those ultra rad Batman suspenders. Standing next to me is my Dad, Joel, on our farm in Central Florida. My earliest memories are running through these orange groves on our farm in Central Florida, the result of my Dad's lifetime passion for cultivating citrus. 

My Dad’s fulfillment and joy are found in his citrus trees. Even after working a full day at his regular job, he'd come home and tend to his trees, carefully grafting varieties together by hand, one by one, until he had developed trees and fruit he was truly proud of. 

Me on the other hand, I was not interested in farming. I wanted college, stock tickers, and life in the Big City.

Ironically, my move to New York City is what inspired the beginning of Via Citrus. Wanting a little reminder of home in my tiny apartment, I wandered down to the Flower District—where I spotted trees from our farm. Listen, when you spend every moment of your life around them for 18 years straight, you can recognize them on the spot.

Direct from our farm to you

And so, Via Citrus was born

Growing your own citrus tree is easier than you think! We've already taken care of the first 9 months needed for your tree to go from tiny seedling to ready-to-ship beauty. With a little TLC, you'll have stunning, fresh fruit for years to come.

Only the very best trees get selected for Via Citrus. Dad hand picks the best of the best to package and ship right to your door. As a small family farm, we're also able to grow rarer varieties of citrus that are difficult to find in big-box stores, so you’ll never run out of something new and exciting to grow. 

So—are you ready to give it a grow?

My Go-To Tree

My favorite tree is still the one we started with: the Calamondin tree. It's easy to grow—which makes it a GREAT beginner citrus plant—and grows happily year round, continuing to bloom even while it's bearing fruit. If you're wondering where to start, give the Calamondin a try!

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