Welcoming Our New Greenhouse!

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Via Citrus Seedlings

Our New Greenhouse is Ready

We’re thrilled to announce our brand-new greenhouse at Via Citrus is officially up and running! This addition spans an impressive 19,000 square feet dedicated to growing more of your favorite citrus varieties. With this expansion, we’re gearing up to produce an additional 12,000 Via Citrus plants, including exciting new varieties.

Germinating the Next Generation

Our journey begins with our seedlings, now just about a month old and flourishing. We’re growing three types of rootstocks: Brazilian Sour, Swingle, and Volkameriana. These rootstocks are selected for their disease resistance, cold tolerance, and compatibly with our citrus varieties, ensuring optimal growth.

What’s Next

In just three weeks, these seedlings will be moved from their starter trays to larger 4 inch diameter cells. This transition is an important milestone in their journey, bringing them one step close to grafting, which is about 60 days away. We can’t wait to share the details in our grafting process for our next post.

Join the Conversation

As we expand our offerings, we want to hear from you. What’s your favorite citrus variety that you’d like to see at Via Citrus? Whether it’s the sweet Satsumas, zesty Kumquats, or the unique Buddha’s Hands, let us know what you’re craving. Your feedback helps us bring the best citrus options to store.
Stay tuned for more updates from the farm!

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