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Can I really keep a citrus tree alive and thriving indoors?

Yes, you really can! Our farms have successfully been selling citrus trees to customers in cold weather climates for decades. If the temperature is moderate and sunlight makes itself available, your plant should do just fine. 


How large will the tree grow to be?

Ahh, that's up to you! Your citrus tree will stay roughly within the container you choose for it, so decide what's the best fit for you and enjoy watching your plant grow.


Can I plant my tree in the ground?

Crazy thing about trees, they totally love being in the ground. Though, you may want to be sure you live in a citrus friendly climate if you're taking your Calamondin outside. 


Where does Via Citrus deliver?

We do NOT have the ability - as of yet - to ship to the following states: AZ, CA, LA, HI, TX. 


What are your Shipping and Returns policies?

Hey, great question. Check out our shipping and returns page for more info.


What payment methods does Via Citrus accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay


What's your relationship to the farms that actually grow the citrus?

We only look to partner with the highest quality farms and offer the most competitive pricing for their trees. You can learn more about our active partners by visiting our farms page


Will my plant be bearing fruit when it arrives?

Ideally, yes. However, our farms have differing stages of their plant growth depending on the time of year you order your plant so we can't guarantee that your tree will be blooming or carrying fruits. However, every tree we deliver, if put in ideal conditions are all of exceptional quality and capability to bear fruit.