Unboxing your Plant


Getting a package is always exciting. Whether it’s a meal kit full of a week’s worth of groceries or even just an Amazon order of paper towels, coming home to a brown parcel of anything can feel like a bright point of one’s week. Receiving a Via Citrus tree is no different.

You may be surprised to learn that live plants adapt well to domestic travel. While our trees aren’t regular jetsetters, they’re happy to make the journey from Howey in the Hills to you. Whether your tree is taking a plane, train, or automobile to get to you, know that it will be kept warm, upright, and steady all the way.

To make the trip, our trees are boxed within two to three days of each order being placed and arrived approximately three days later. They spend an average of three days in transit, traveling in a specially engineered box, carefully labeled to insure their gentle handling and safe arrival.

Prior to arrival day, pick out a space for your new tree. It will range in size depending on the season from 18-22 inches tall and 6-8 inches wide. Whether you plan to keep your tree in a sunny window sill or some other open space, be sure to allow your plant about an inch of clearance on all directions so that it can stretch out after all that travel. Unless you plan to encourage more than average growth in your tree, you won’t need to plan to repot it anytime soon. Citrus trees adapt to their new surroundings, so you won’t find yourself in a James and the Giant Peach situation with a plan larger than your living space.

Placement should be somewhere that gets plenty of sun. In general, potted citrus plants prefer bright light. As much as this condition is best for ideal growth and plentiful fruiting, the trees can also be kept at medium light. If you’re worried about your plant receiving enough light, commercial lighting products are growing in popularity and found easily on Amazon and Google shopping sites.  

If you are unable to meet your tree upon its arrival, it should be fine to remain within its shipping box for one to two days. Rushing home is not necessary, although you may find yourself pacing your mailbox in anticipation of your new arrival. That’s normal for new plant parents.

Via Citrus trees arrive double boxed within both an external cardboard container as well as an internal cardboard sling meant to assist with the unpacking of each tree. To unbox your tree, simply lift up on the two handles and guide your plant from it’s box. If any soil has spilled, simply replace it into the pot.  

Each tree is shipped in standard black one gallon growing pots. If you plan to repot your tree, ideally allow a few days for your tree to rest from all the travel. Next, check your plant’s soil. If the top layer is dry, add water until the soil is damp again. We water all trees before they ship, so although the pot may be dry, your plant won’t be. Finally, place your tree in its new home and enjoy the growing experience!


*All shipping materials are recyclable (including the growing pot in certain states). Please dispose of them responsibly.